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Awakening was established in 2011 by a group of young Somali Professionals and Students in Ottawa. Initially it began as a way to raise funds for the famine that was ravishing Somalia at the time, and since then it became an annual gathering where the Canadian Somali community come together to highlight our success stories. The first annual Awakening conference was held on November 26, 2011. It was the first Somali youth conference held in Ottawa, and it brought together about 100 Somali youth, professionals, students and community leaders alike. Today more than 250 people attend the annual conference from all over Canada and thousands more from around the world tune in live on social media.

Our Goals


To inspire and be inspired by Somali youth excellence globally


  • To create an environment where we engage ideas, share our stories and successes and challenge the negative stereotypes of Somali youth globally.
  • To awaken the potential in Somali youth creating leaders that inspire, motivate and positively impact our global community.
  • To work with our partners in collectively advocating to advance our mission and vision in empowering Somali youth globally.

Core Values

  • Youth Engagement: Building a platform and system of network that connects young people with role models, mentors, advisors, and people that can help promote positive progression.
  • Integrity: Remaining true and disciplined upon the moral principles expected of us as Muslims, and as upstanding citizens.
  • Accountability: Adopting a system of transparency to allow for direct connection to the community, and the ability to hold ourselves accountable for what we produce and propagate.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: Dedication to openness and acceptance of anyone willing to join, and welcoming those who seek inclusion.
  • Activism: Inspire young people to get involved with issues they are passionate about and taking steps through actions that can facilitate positive change

8th Annual Awakening Conference The Bronson Centre March 16, 2019


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Saturday, March 16th, 2019 at the Bronson Center (211 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6H5)